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Default Re: Cable Televison On Computer Questions

I currently use a slinbox connected to my router. I can access my slingbox on my desktop hardwired, my laptop wirelessly, and I use the web app when I'm at work (so all I have to do is install a plug in instead of installing software, so the admins don't get all pissey.)

I only have a sling solo, which is fine for my 19" LCD and 15" Lappy, but if your using something like a 42" for your monitor, you may want to read up on slingbox HD (I've never used it, so I don't know how much better the quality is on a large TV).

The sling is connected to a stand alone STB. I do this, because if I put it on an STB that has a tv connected to it, either person can change channels, etc (the person watching the TV and the person using the slingbox).

Also, I have Verizon's home media DVR, which allows my STB to access the content on my DVR. Because of this, I can access my DVR on my slingbox as well...

I've yet to try them, but there are 2 sling recorders out there now to record slinged material. One is open sauce and free, the other is a trial then pay $30 type thing. I've heard they work quite well and will record at whatever quality the sling is streaming at...

Nice little setup if you don't need super high quality video.

Hope that helps!

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