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Congratz Flavius and good luck on the next one
I may keep this one actually. After adjusting my monitor again it looks acceptable and the heatsink issue isn't preventing me from being super stable at Ultra speed 450/850. But I have a question! I know its the wrong thread, but please bear with me.... I need to know if this card is broken or not. In UT2K3 with everything maxed and 4xAA/8xAF, I am sometimes dipping to a low of 39 FPS in Antalus at 1024x768x32. The Icetomb level dips to a low of 16 FPS in the same res! In 0xAA/0xAF, the Nature part of 3DMark03 dips to 11 FPS after starting out at like 100 FPS?? My overall 3DMark01 and 03 scores are 15267 and 5876 respectively when clocked at Ultra level with 0xAA/0xAF. Are these acceptable scores and does anyone else get such extreme FPS dips at those settings? I'm running 875P chipset P4 at 2700Mhz. THANKS!!
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