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Your 3DMk01 and 03 scores look OK.

My minimum fps in UT2K3 Antalus stays in the mid 50's @ 1024x768 w/4xAA/8xAF settings. My review was posted today on the 5900U and includes a number of results at various settings in UT2K3. You might compare yours with those posted in the review and if you have any questions you can pm me or post here.

My P4 w/875P board is not ready yet or I would run some results for you to compare.

Just checked my notes, your 3DMk01 and 03 scores may be a little on the low side. Mine runs over 16K in '01 and in the 58xx's in '03. I'm currently running a 2500+ on a NF2 board with PC3200.

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