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Exclamation Re: plans for 3D vision under linux ???

Originally Posted by erik.vogan View Post
A couple of quick questions for someone from nvidia.

Are there plans to make the 3D vision product work with openGL under linux ? It seems a rather obvious idea given that many of the Quadro FX cards already support quad-buffered stereo, but the Quadro cards are notably lacking from the list of supported cards even under windows.

This would be a slam-dunk sale to many academic and industrial labs working on scientific visualization, as well as data mining, so I am certain someone inside nvidia is working on it. Care to offer a timeframe ?
Likely they won't, this is why:

LCD shutter glasses only require a synchronization of frame buffers in the graphics card.. This is a feature the NVidia cards had a long time ago, with Windows(!!) but then removed.. It was a experimental driver, I guess to see if it had a market..

All it requires is the creation of two cameras in the game, something that can be done without permission of the game, in hardware..

It doesn't use any extra special frame buffering, it's the same ol' page flipping, just even frames for left, and odd frames for right.. This could be done using a simple clock on the card and a correlation of frame buffer rendering to shutter). This could even be done without any involvement of the OS!!!

Now as for 3D stereo vision, I've taken over 5000 photos in stereo, and if you simply keep your two cameras parallel with about 3 inches of spacing, or the 3D world equivalent, then you get all the 3D you can handle.. The only problem is any textures that are bump mapped will not appear bumpy because it is a shading effect it doesn't change the geometry of the surface so bump mapped surfaces will look like someone painted them to be bumpy (like those bullet hole stickers people put on their trucks) but they will obviously be flat to a stereo perspective.. I've tested this with 3D packages and it tends to be the case.

But NVidia I think is in kahoots with Microsoft to get Vista adopted by using this as leverage.. I doubt they will give the feature away to the Linux community.

The included capture I took from Windows XP..

Now you could do stereo on any setup, even a 486 if you were so inclined.. It's up to NVidia to determine what will make them the most money.. The memory, the operating system, none of this has anything to do with making 3D possible..

If you hang a video camera out a car window directly at the buildings going by and take a movie then load it up in two quicktime video windows and offset the shuttle slider a bit on one, and overlap the images with your eyes , you can get good 3D, you can even see otehrwise flat mountains in 3D..

This is NVidia just screwing it's consumers with a supposed innovation.. It's old technology being used to leverage consumer's purchasing decisions.. But I bet in a year they will remove the support from new graphics cards, like they did in the past.
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