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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Originally Posted by Cyant View Post
So far I haven't noticed any micro-shutter on my 295. I am running every games in 2560x1600, some with No AA some with 4x some with 8x CSAA.
Cool Cyant!

But don't forget the following:

Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
ive already showed graphs proving the existence of microstuttering on the 295. argument over, no agreeing to disagree, ur just wrong.
NOT! Unless I see his PHD from MIT. Only then would I accept "argument over, no agreeing to disagree, ur just wrong" from anyone. Or if he said, he'd bought one, and as a result he was an eye witness to MS on a GTX295. OK, then i mite accept somebody saying "argument over, no agreeing to disagree, ur just wrong".

So I guess u just dont notice it Cyant?

I think it's best to accept that Cyant has a GTX295, and at 2560x1600 he hasn't noticed MS! YAY!

I'm going to try a GTX295, it should be here in ten days (I'm using the BFG trade up and I still got to send in my GTX280). If I don't like it I'm stuck with it. Maybe BFG would let me get the GTX285 instead.

I luv my GTX280 but I'm going to take a gamble on a GTX295. Mostly because based on the benchmarks below I don't see evidence of the type of MS that would ruin games for me. Also, the 2x448 Bit Memory Bus on the GTX295 has me convinced that if it only had a 2x256 Bit Memory Bus like the 9800x2 POS did, it would be idiotic to gamble. (The 4870x2 has a 2x256 Bit Memory Bus too.)

What I mostly noticed in the following benchmarks is how the FPS does NOT drop way way way down and it is not evident that you would experience 10 seconds of ridiculously low FPS like on the 9800x2 which amplified the POS 9800x2's MS to totally unacceptable low performance levels. It's worth the gamble especially for anyone that can simply return the card immediately to NewEgg.

And in the review that includes the 8800Ultra, the benchmarks clearly show that in all games the GTX295 doubles the FPS of an 8800Ultra! w00t!!! Kinda like if you SLIed two 8800Ultras and got perfect scalability. (That used to cost $1300 and one of three wishes from a Genie.) The GTX295 R-O-C-K-S in these benchmarks! Whereby a single GTX280 or GTX285 do not double the FPS of an 8800Ultra.

And I can't imagine that after all the complaining everyone did about the POS 9800X2, that nVidia did not cringe endlessly, and as a result they would not repeat releasing another POS MSing Sandwiched Card. (This one is titled GTX285 but includes the GTX295 so that you can compare.),672323/?page=1
(This is the one that includes an 8800Ultra.)
(Check out:,672323/?page=7)
(And how the GTX295's FPS doubles AND quadruples an 8800Ultra's FPS!)
(That's the performance I wanted when Crysis came out. )

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