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Default Re: People who don't like Crysis Wars are poor.

Originally Posted by J-Mag View Post
In order to have a more effective argument, what is the reasoning for deeming the MP as unbalanced?

How so?
I am not trying to have an argument, just stating my opinion. MP's premise was amazing and had me drooling after I played the BETA, little did I know the horrid balance issues will make the game a chore.

The game tries to emulate Battlefield but the team-work elements don't quite work out. Put simply, even a single person with a good weapon can wreck havoc thus making the whole idea of "work like a team" irreverent.

The gameplay as a whole feels sloppy, the crisp weapon implantation of Counter Strike and Call of Duty games is missing. Yes, I know I should judge the game on its own merits but as a whole, movement and aim feel slow and sloppy - not responsive and crisp as they should.

The maps are huge infact that it literally becomes a camper fest within a few mins. The first person to score few kills will buy Gauss or Sniper Rifle, pick a spot and then spawn camp. If he's a smart arse, he'll get a Tank with repair torch and basically vehicle rape the other team.

If you just joined or lack enough prestige, you have no other option but to get nailed by the Tank or APC that is polite enough to camp the bunker. The serious balance issues will obviously put off any new comers and even piss off the recent players that joined the server.

In a game like Quake Wars, for example, even a Pistol can damage big vehicles, but thats not the case in Wars. By default the game gives you no weapon to even counter the spawn rape, nor do you have any protection for it.

Another major issue is Base Rape. Base defenses can easily be taken down and if you're against arsehole players in Power Struggle, they'll chuck capping Energy Sites and just spawn rape you until you quit. I brought a Chopper but as soon as it was spawned, a Gauss Tank camping around my base, way up, was kind enough to blow it to hell.

The thing is, Crytek tried to basically make Crysis MP a rendition of Battlefield series, and seemingly, while they did get some good things, they also transitioned all the flaws that plague BF games.

Fact of the matter is, I don't have anything against Crytek or Crysis or its Multiplayer, but when you look at the thing as a whole, you clearly have much better offerings available. The multiplayer, aside from some cool weapons, lacks the depth or appeal to retain a hardcore playerbase. The skill ceiling here starts and ends with camping and planting Claymores. And thats amazingly frustrating because clearly the game has great potential. Its just sad it never really gets utilized.
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