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Default Re: plans for 3D vision under linux ???

innovation is in the glasses, not how its done, old versions used shutters and were otherwise technically limited below 60hz. (even 3dfx tried this technology ~15 years ago) The old shutter glasses caused headaches and generally sucked. The new system uses LCDs in the lenses to control lenses blanking and works fine at 60hz, meaning each eye blanks 30 times a second.

the card has Z-buffer values which can be used to create the 2 different frames using a pretty simple algorithm, generally no support from the game manufacturer is needed but note that games with heavy 2d overlays, like wow, will have some odd effects due to that. games can also optimize to create more advanced effects, negative or otherwise tweaked Z buffer values could make things appear to "pop" out of the screen while in normal rendering throws them out as they are useless on a 2d panel.

the OS obviously is involved since they need to write a linux USB driver for the IR sync that communicates with the glasses. The frame sync hook also needs to be available in the graphics driver and piped to the driver for the glasses, but i imagine that is trivial.


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