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Tell ya what. Since the newest guy who just signed up (what was his name again) and wants to know how his 3dmark score stacks up to the others here can't help the 18 million people before him who posted the same thing.. and since emotions are impossible to express to everybody (especially the type of people who visit message boards), let me propose this sort of compromise. I'll watch what I post, and avoid posting anything that can be taken the wrong way, if you avoid yelling at people about 3dmark. That way neither of us inadvertently makes a new user feel unwelcomed here.

As for the two posts, one of them was my bad. The other one was more of a misunderstanding than anything. Matthyahuw and I have talked in PMs, and are both cool with what happened (I think). He still hasn't really answered me wether he thought my joke was funny or not though.

Umm.. I think that's it. Sorry got sidetracked. That happens when a very attractive office manager walks up and starts talking about tanning lines and her decision on whether or not to where certain articles of clothing (or none at all) when she tans. Very distracting. But trust me, it's well worth the visual.

Anyway if any other mods, or -=Gib-McFragger=- have any issues, let me know and I'll address them. As I hope you can see I'm not afraid to defend myself with actual working logic, nor am I afraid to back down when I'm wrong.
Don't hate me because I'm powerful.
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