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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
true, but microstutter on a single gpu is extremely rare. its extremely common on mgpu.
No. Inconsistent inter-frame delay occurs on "All" GPUS. It's simply a matter of degree. A multi GPU setup may or may not be more spikey dependent on alot of varying issues. The main issue with any multi GPU is to avoid constant inter-frame hiccups. In which case you arent really seeing a benefit of multi GPU.

Frame 1: 15 MS
Frame 2: 60 MS
Frame 3: 85 MS
Frame 4: 150 MS

Whats more likely to happen with SLI is.

Frame 1: 15 MS
Frame 2: 31 MS
Frame 3: 44 MS
Frame 4: 61 MS
Frame 5: 77 MS
Frame 6: 89 MS
Frame 7: 130 MS

But keep in mind,. That something like this will vary greatly on your actual frame per second to begin with. If your frametimes are already lower. Those Occasional MS spikes will be larger and more noticable.

The first case scenerio should not be happening. And is usually the result of a poor AFR profile that probably isn't scaling well to begin with. Something that can actually be adjusted at a driver level. No SLI /multi GPU setup is anymore or any less prone to have it happen. The more GPUs you throw it at. The less likely you'll see it since each GPU will render a frame as fast as possible.

The other reason for microstuttering could be

1) Hard drive thrashes/reads
2) System Memory Problem
3) GPU Memory problem
4) Combination of 2 and 3. Which was quite common on say a 9800GX2.
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