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I find this very dissapointing, as other FreeBSD users will, especially since the FreeBSD Display Driver x86 page still says that CUDA 2.1 support has been added, and FreeBSD CUDA support has been mirrored in many third-party announcements.

When I saw the line "Added support for CUDA 2.1.", NVIDIA jumped an order of magnitude on my cred-o-meter, but has since fallen two orders of magnitude now that I realise it was a mistake that is still yet to be rectified. I had planned to make use of this new capability by adding CUDA throughput to CFD analyses I have been conducting on FreeBSD. On a per-processor-clock basis, FreeBSD runs these analyses faster than any Linux flavour, so I won't be abandoning FreeBSD any time soon. But I will have to abandon CUDA for some other solution.

My question to NVIDIA is: Can any niche product with limited mass-market appeal afford to be turning potential customers away ?
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