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Thumbs up EVGA Releases Backplate for its GTX 295s

EVGA Releases Backplate for its GTX 295s

transfers heat, enhances OC stability

Just recently, EVGA has announced the availability of a 1mm thick anodized aluminum backplate for its new GTX 295 and GTX 295 Plus graphics cards.

The product, codenamed 401-EV-1234-01, will be available exclusively for the company's own GTX 295s and ultimately serves as an additional means to transfer heat from the backside of the GPU. In effect, this helps to maximize stability for an extra edge of overclocking performance. Furthermore, the product is compatible with both single card and Quad-SLI configurations and adds a sleek finish to the overall design of the dual-PCB monster card.

It is important to note that the GTX 295 was not designed to need a backplate, but since many people seem to like them, EVGA decided to make one. Therefore, it can be considered nothing more than an extra. With a retail price of just $20, the company is simply doing a very smart and respected business move by appealing to an enthusiast crowd who values aesthetic superiority and an added performance edge from their investments.

For convenience, EVGA has posted a simple three-step installation guide which requires the removal of all screws from the backside of the GTX 295 as well as removal of the retention clip located near the fan.

Due to an unseen demand for the product, however, it has currently been placed on back order within the first day of relese. However, more are expected to be available soon from EVGA's product page here.
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