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Default Re: People who don't like Crysis Wars are poor.

I just never got into Crysis as a whole, I didn't like the SP and with that notion I never gave the MP much of a shot. I still prefer close battle MP games to massive open world ones because I hate cheap **** like snipers hitting you from miles away.

Thats why I love games like TF2 and CS:S because sure someone can have a sniper rifle but if your good you can get to him aswell, hes never too over powered that the game becomes boring which happens with alot of open world games.

Then there are the vehicles... every open world MP game makes them way to powerful. in BF series you were just a speed bump to anyone in a vehicle and god forbid they have a plane... then your just ****ed.

But thats just my opinion, never liked the larger scale battles. Always liked the closer face to face battles. Man I LOVE CS:S Office... one of the best maps.
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