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Default Re: [177.82] DVI -> HDMI + analog audio, but no sound


I have similar setup with the same problem.

I was using 173.X without any problems (DVI->HDMI + analog audio 3.5mm -> 2*RCA). My TV is set to display HDMI input.
Once updated to 177.X, I lost audio if the tv was displaying HDMI input. The TV does actually play the audio, but only if I switch to component input.

Once the system is rebooted, and the nvidia kernel module *NOT* loaded, I can play audio (mplayer) from console (TV set to HDMI). After modprobing nvidia module, audio stops (in the middle of the song). Removing the kernel module does not restore the system state.
X server was not started at all.

I'll try with the latest (180.X) driver next.
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