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Default Re: Microsoft predicts majority of Win7 will be 64 bit

I'm all about embracing 64 bit, but the business implications are HUGE.

I'm in the middle of it at work. Our special AutoCAD front end is not 64 bit compatible yet, but AutoCAD is. Our new collision detection software, Navisworks, is not 64 bit compatible either. Our drawings are growing to the point where we bounce of the 32bit 2gb limit every day. Setting /3gb in the boot.ini is the band-aid currently applied. This software package just cost us $40,000 dollars. That includes 4 machines and 9 seats of CAD. There are NO alternatives.

That's just our problem. I'm sure there are millions of machines out there looking to be replaced or put in place where there are millions of proprietary 32 bit applications in use. It's too simple for the gamer crowd to say that 32 bit needs to die when they don't have a clue what the professional world has to deal with.
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