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What's the native resolution of your monitor? Do you plan on upgrading your monitor to a higher resolution anytime soon in the near future? What is your PSU wattage? Is your CPU fast enough not to cause any CPU-bottleneck if you do happen to upgrade? Is your case spacious enough to accommodate a 267mm-long card? These are some of the questions I would ask myself I were in your shoes. I've seen people having BSODs b/c they didn't have enough power or their cases aren't big enough for the card, or even they don't see improvements parallel to others b/c of CPU-bottlenecks. I don't personally recommend getting a 9800GX2: this card was infamous for its MS issues. If you really do want to get one, I'd skip the 9000 series and get GTX 200s depending on your needs. There're always pros and cons: if you wait until June or July, you can get your hands on the latest model, presumably faster than 295, however you will have to pay a dear price for it. If you do not wish to wait, you can get 260/285/295 now, and you will see improvements, however this will rule out your upgrading option this July or even December unless you're willing to upgrade every 6 months. If you do upgrade this July, the primary lifespan of your card is only about 6 months, hence not maximizing your bang for the buck.

It really depends on your needs in the end.

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