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Default thx guys...

Thx guys for your results, those TI 4600 results were simply amazing. Ultimatly I think I am going to get a new graphics card, that seems to me the best choice. As a Linux newbie I have another question, but I do not feel like starting a new thread on a different forum, because you peoples seem definetly smart enough to answer my next question. This is going to sound noobish but here goes "How do I compile the new linux kernel?" I have tried today to get the 2.4.19.tar.gz going, but I can't get past the "make mrproper" section of the tutorials I was reading, I have tried multiple tutorials with still no avail. When I enter 'make mrproper' is says something along the lines of bash:command not found. It might be the unzipping, becuase I get an error when I 'gzip -dc linux-2____.tar.gz | tar xvvh-' I truly dont know what is going on, and if any of you could help me, that would fabulous, as you have made up my mind on the graphic card. Thx again guys!

BTW: the 4400 or 4200 sounds like my kind of card, 128 DDR versions of course :O)

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