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Default Re: Xine vdpau announcement

I would like to thank the developers for their effort. With mkv support and vdr plugin xine-vdpau is really an excellent playback system.

I could never get NVidia's Xv working reliably. Playback of 50fps video on 50Hz display hogs CPU and 24fps on 60Hz sometimes hangs for a short while and misses a frame or two. VDPAU doesn't suffer from these problems.

nvidia-settings image adjustments (brightness, contrast etc) don't seem to apply to VDPAU output, but Xine's image controls and a test DVD fixed this nicely. Deinterlacing and zooming work well for watching TV.

One thing I'm not certain about: should BT.709 colorspace be used for HD content? Attached is a simple patch that switches to 709 for HD content. Should something like this (obviously with better heuristic) be added?
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