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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by apaige View Post
I wish people made separate reports about Flash and general 2D performance, because they're two very different things. While YouTube in fullscreen is dog slow, downloading the flash video and playing it with MPlayer is smooth as silk and very light on resources.
You have yet to demonstrate they have anything but a common cause. We know they DO have a common solution...downgrade to 173 (but then you sacrifice HDMI audio)

Until we can get developer attention, I think we're hosed beyond our ability to make this work (the drivers are just too broken). I got initial emails from the devs on my bug report, but since then not a peep. My ATI card is due to arrive on Tuesday (if nvidia ever fixes this, I can just re-sell it, but I'm fed up waiting for them to acknowledge these issues)(I bought ATI b/c I don't believe in rewarding bad support by giving the company more $$)

Edit: still not sure why you are posting here anyway since you don't have an 8200
Originally Posted by apaige View Post
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