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Default Re: GeForce GTX 380 on target for Q2 '09 release!

Originally Posted by Maverickman View Post
No one except the higher-ups at Nvidia knows what the next high-end card is going to be called, but GeForce GTX 380 sounds reasonable. I'm happy with my new GTX 295, but it's sad when you buy a new card for $499 and it's obsolete in six months! Also, I heard that the next-gen Nvidia cards would be DX 11 compliant, but I don't know why Nvidia would want to release a new card so soon when DX 11 won't be around until Windows 7!
If you look around the net Windows 7 might ship in August this year.

Considering that Q2 is April to July this makes perfect sense for NV to release a DX11 card.

I'm typing this on Windows 7 beta and it's a very good OS. Just sad that this wasn't Vista as it should have been!

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