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Default Re: Xine vdpau announcement

Originally Posted by LauriM View Post
I would like to thank the developers for their effort. With mkv support and vdr plugin xine-vdpau is really an excellent playback system.

I could never get NVidia's Xv working reliably. Playback of 50fps video on 50Hz display hogs CPU and 24fps on 60Hz sometimes hangs for a short while and misses a frame or two. VDPAU doesn't suffer from these problems.

nvidia-settings image adjustments (brightness, contrast etc) don't seem to apply to VDPAU output, but Xine's image controls and a test DVD fixed this nicely. Deinterlacing and zooming work well for watching TV.

One thing I'm not certain about: should BT.709 colorspace be used for HD content? Attached is a simple patch that switches to 709 for HD content. Should something like this (obviously with better heuristic) be added?
Thank you for that note. Actually it shouldn't be decided according to the resolution but due to some flags in the stream. I am going to implement this tomorrow.
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