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Exclamation GTX285 + vista64 + gigabyte ud5=BSOD

It seems I am unable to get any of the nivida drivers to working with my new Vista64 SP1 installation. I have Gigabyte UD5 mobo and all appears fine until I install the nvidia drivers.

If I install the ones that came with the card, 180.xx, I see an error on the install saying "service nvsvc not successfully started". The system then reboots and hits the BSOD right after the desktop appears when I log in.

If I install the latest 181.22, the install says it completes successful. However, the login screen has a better resolution but I still get the BSOD right after I log in.

Everything else runs fine if I stick with the VGA and don't install the nvidia drivers.

I ran memtest86 and the Vistat 64 memtest and there were no problems so I think I can rule out memory issues.

I am on a i7 2.6GHz, 6GB G Skill ram, Gigabyte UD5, EVGA GTX285.

I have searched the forums and newsgroups and nothing seems to help.

Does anybody have any ideas or suggetions?

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