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Default Re: GTX285 + vista64 + gigabyte ud5=BSOD

1. Start with a complete System Summary. (You left out several things like your PSU. And maybe MOBO chipset would help because rather than just a Make and model the chipset sometimes helps ppl with the same chipset to make suggestions based on their experiences. Are you OCing.)

2. Have u used a Driver cleanup utility yet?

How to use?

The following steps are the best way to clean the drivers from your system.

Use the official uninstaller(s) of the driver(s) you want to uninstall.
Reboot your PC in Safe Mode (Optional).
Run Driver Sweeper and select what to clean.
Analyse lists all the entries to remove, where cleaning removes the entries selected.

3. Do you use Imaging software like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image?

Use it when the system does work in order to restore a working configuration quickly.

4. Have u eliminated other Hardware as the cause? (Disconnect all unnecessary Hardware.)

5. Step two also covers if Legacy drivers result in BSODs or if u can run in Safe Mode.

6. Offical Guide to Fixing BSOD/STOP errors! (Just a forum I recently used.)

I think I found "Driver Verifier Manager Vista" and "Device Signing Vista" on it.

I was lucky because my new BSOD problem that got out of hand last week was completely solved by increasing my CPU VCORE from 1.25625V to 1.26250V. With my old PSU everything was fine with CPU@3.7 and 1.25625V. But with a new PSU I guess I needed to run CPU@3.7 and 1.26250V.
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