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Default Re: GeForce GTX 380 on target for Q2 '09 release!

Originally Posted by Maverickman View Post
No one except the higher-ups at Nvidia knows what the next high-end card is going to be called, but GeForce GTX 380 sounds reasonable. I'm happy with my new GTX 295, but it's sad when you buy a new card for $499 and it's obsolete in six months! Also, I heard that the next-gen Nvidia cards would be DX 11 compliant, but I don't know why Nvidia would want to release a new card so soon when DX 11 won't be around until Windows 7!
The 295 will rock for quite some time I believe. I hope the GTX 380 has twice the FPS as a 295- but I doubt it. What it will accomplish is make money for nVidia because of the size of the technology. I bet they are going to lose money on the 295, even though they sell a lot of them; but they will still lose money on the 295. And recapturing the Crown with the 295 made the 295 well worth losing a little money on it.

I suggest everybody without a 295 snag two or three 280's when they reach their all time lowest price and go with 280 SLI Rigs until sometime in 2010. What will they cost at the lowest? $229 or how much less? What a deal!
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