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Default Re: GTX285 + vista64 + gigabyte ud5=BSOD

Originally Posted by invalidopcode View Post

the debugger says the crash is occuring in the dxgkrnl.sys module - the "DirectX Graphics Kernel". The tool says my current version is 6.0.6001.18000.

Hmmm, now what. I am running Vista64 SP1. I thought that had all of the latest hot fixes and system files.
Hmmm.. good investigating.

The first thing that comes to mind is google, "dxgkrnl.sys".

Second, is reinstalling DirectX. (Malware may be a culprit. There's a bug going around now that is being spread mostly by USB Thumb drives.)

Third, seeing how it's a brand new never before used card (285); install it on another working PC for the sake of proving the card is not a Lemon. Although switching ur PSU to a working PC makes it quite a hassle unless ur lucky enough to have another PC that works and also has a sufficient sized PSU.
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