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Default Valve just put the nail in Futuremark's coffin

now the HL2 benchmark is almost out, will it replace 3dmark2003 ?

MS has said HL2 is the most complete DX9 benchmark available.

and 3dmark2003's history hardly inspires much faith in it.

atm, FM's Hall Of Fame is down ("The Hall of Fame 03 is being improved and updated. Please check back soon!") and has been for a while.

will FM throw out the "cheat" drivers so the Hall Of Fame more accurately represents "real-world" performance we've seen with HL2, Tomb Raider, in an attempt to reclaim some dignity?

even though the performance difference between nvidia and ATI in DX9 is real, will the idea of such large differences make people cringe and stick to 3dmark where it's a closer battle?
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