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Hi everybody,

First of all, thanks for the excellent work that has been done on this front. I really appreciate not having to boot to Windows in order to watch a HD videos .

I've been happily watching 720p videos for a while now flawlessly. However, I wanted to watch a few 1080p videos I have and never could. Some of them don't work with HA even on Windows (my guess is they were badly ripped) but just now I tried a sample from (the Bourne Ultimatum trailer) and it failed with error 14.

Before submitting any bug reports, a few thinks I'd like to say:

1) I have a GF 9600GT (G94). Is this card supposed to be 1080p capable or should I consider myself lucky if I open any 1080p stream at all?
2) I have set max_ref frames to 16 in vo_vdpau.c, but to no avail.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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