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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by apaige View Post
As you can see, I have a 8300, which is pretty much the same thing, as far as the drivers are concerned.

What I notice is that there's a whole lot of complaining going on, and very little detail is given about what works, what doesn't, what everyone's setup is and what measures have been taken in order to try to improve performance. It's getting tiresome and I don't think it'll accomplish anything.
You may be more optimistic than I, but I suspect our issues our beyond our (the end-user) ability to tweak our way out of. There is such a massive downgrade in performance between 173 and 177/180 that I have serious doubt we can change a setting here/there to get the performance back.. ie. I think the driver itself has to get fixed.

As for specific, I have attached a bug-report log with all my system specifics and submitted that bug to the bugs email addr. One reason I don't want to give up posting about Flash, is personally I think its a very specific and repeatable case.. I don't just say its all flash, I give links to specific Flash videos (tho really I think its anything hi-def). I say we give them the toughest issue to solve (we know its solvable since 173 does the trick).. if they can get that, likely all else will come along as part of that fix (ie. did they not use DMA for memory transfers, or polling vs. interrupts, or who knows what)

I've invested 100+ hours trying this and that so far, to get acceptable performance, and then fixing the resulting audio issues as I moved up and down different driver levels. As I said, I've finally given up (convinced this is outside my control to fix) and ordered an ATI card with HDMI to see if that will do the job instead.

EDIT: the only appreciable fix I was able to make (with 177/180) was to disable compiz. That allowed normal res YouTube to play at Full screen. The full-screen from hulu-hd and The Daily show still only runs at 1-2 fps before spiraling to a death.
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