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Default Re: EVGA Releases Backplate for its GTX 295s

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
LOL $20 more after spending $500 is just disrespect to your customers. Like when Nvidia sold the 280s for $699 and 2 weeks later they were like $450. Disrespect.
They got to make money.

If the idea doesn't catch on:
Another $20 X 10% of the Cards they sell = paying for production of the thing.

If the idea catches on big time with everybody:
An additional $20 X 51% of all 295 sold = more profit then selling just their own 295 cards.

The idea could not have been implemented before the release, and it can't be given away for free. Because they have to make money. Its not like they are Oil Sheiks or something.

But now that I think of it. THUMBS UP TO BFG for the free HDMI cable included with their 295s. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

And Hmmmm... (now that I think of it) I probably woulda' jumped ship if EVGA gave that Backplate for free and a free HDMI cable too. Would have (now that I think of it) maybe never returned to BFG. MUAHAHAHAHA LUV Competition!
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