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Default Re: I think I am going to get this TV soon, what do you think?

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
ive been lookin for a new 1080p HDTV to replace my aging 720p TV. id like a 120Hz LCD with a good contrast ratio and a price under $1500.

i have found this little beauty:

has a lot of features and has good reviews (it's actually pretty much an XBR minus 2 or 3 features, see bottom of link).

just wondering if anyone here has one or any other thoughts you guys may have.
Just adding my opinion into this take it as you wish.

The Sony Bravia V-Series is a solid set, but overpriced, as it compares pretty much with the Samsung 5 series in specs, though the V-Series adds 120hz. The Samsung 6-series is significantly better, and at about the same price as the V-Series.

40" - about the same price
46" - still under $1500 shipped

As for what 120hz does for you, it does two things.

24P Playback - For Blu-Ray players that support this, it helps remove jutter. Blu-Ray movies are encoded at 24fps. Using a 60hz set, you get 2:3 pulldown. A simple explanation is that one frame is refreshed twice, then the next refreshed 3 times, repeat until you get 60. It's not the smoothest way to have a movie playback, but few people notice it. On a 120hz set, each frame is displayed through 5 refreshes (5*24 = 120).

Auto-Motion Plus - This is what Samsung calls their 120hz feature, others call it SmoothMotion, or other such names. It's basically an on/off feature that is supposed to add a film like quality to tv and DVD, but to me, it just makes everything look like a soap opera. I leave this off, but you can decide for yourself what you think of the feature.
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