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Default Re: GF8200 / Poor 2D performance / ETA of fix?

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy View Post
The driver got a major 2D overhaul between 173 and 182, moving from a mostly-software to an mostly-hardware accalerated architecture.
In fact the 182 drivers provide currently best-in-class 2D accaleration, better than all the praised open-source drivers (intel included).

I wouldn't conclude the dirver is "the driver is so fundamentally flawed" just because there is one problem with one program (flash) which even only shows up when running compiz.
Yes, this is most likely a bug. But its clearly not armageddon
What makes me a bit angry however is the lack of communication with Nvidia. Just something like "we were able to reproduce it and filed a bug" would help a great deal.

- Clemens
Those 182 driver might work magic, but I don't see them listed yet

Compiz IS disabled and we still have easy examples of Flash that play rather acceptably with 173 and essentially not at all with 177.180. I am NOT talking about YouTube, I am talking Hi-def from Hulu, or even not hi-def from The Daily Show.

So when we are significantly better off WITHOUT the HW acceleration, I'd say thats a fairly fundamental flaw For the 8200 we are better off with VESA or 173 than using 177/180 under linux (under Windows the performance is very good)

Please read more thoroughly before writing off our concerns.
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