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Default Re: I think I am going to get this TV soon, what do you think?

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Vin see if you can disable the 120hz on any of those. I love it for sports and really fast motion, but the picture is much better in movies with it disabled.

I own this one and love it, but the ability to do both is necessary.
Just wanted to reiterate:

Originally Posted by Medion View Post

As for what 120hz does for you, it does two things.

24P Playback - For Blu-Ray players that support this, it helps remove jutter. Blu-Ray movies are encoded at 24fps. Using a 60hz set, you get 2:3 pulldown. A simple explanation is that one frame is refreshed twice, then the next refreshed 3 times, repeat until you get 60. It's not the smoothest way to have a movie playback, but few people notice it. On a 120hz set, each frame is displayed through 5 refreshes (5*24 = 120).

Auto-Motion Plus - This is what Samsung calls their 120hz feature, others call it SmoothMotion, or other such names. It's basically an on/off feature that is supposed to add a film like quality to tv and DVD, but to me, it just makes everything look like a soap opera. I leave this off, but you can decide for yourself what you think of the feature.
There's a lot of confusion on 120hz. You can't "disable" it. The tv will always refresh at 120hz. However, you can choose not to use 24p output from a source that supports it (though that would be borderline crazy). You can also choose to disable frame-interpolation (Samsung's Auto Motion Plus, as well as other companies' names for it). This is the feature, Bacon, I think you're referring to.
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