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Default Re: 3DMark05 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
3dmark05 is a single threaded application. with the low default resolution it probably can't even max out 1 8800GTX.
the nvidia drivers can actually force multithreading in apps that dont support it... i know that with X1800XL i was cpu limited in 3dmark05 with a single core athlon 64... an X1800XL with an athlon 64 X2 at the same frequency would get about 500-1000 pts more

Originally Posted by litri View Post
You're right... why bother... but i was curious to see the results. Just one thing...
I have Physx activated on the cp but i don't know if it really forces one of the gpu's to only do physics, would that hurt the results??
no enabling physx will simply allow hardware accelerated physx in games that support it... for 3dmark only vantage supports it
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