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Default Re: GTX285 + vista64 + gigabyte ud5=BSOD

Originally Posted by invalidopcode View Post
I went back and created a small partition on the HD and installed WinXP 32 bit. The install went fine and all the drivers from the mobo install disc and the 181.22 Nvidia worked.

I installed Steam, downloaded Left 4 Dead and played it with all of the graphics options turned to maximum!

Does this mean that my hardware is working 100% and that this is purely a Vista 64 SP1 problem? Does working in 32bit imply that 64bit hardware is good as well?
The card works fine so congratz!

And now that it had been proven to work in XP the card alone is no longer to blame for not working in Vista 64. If it works on 32 XP it should work on any OS. The problem was most likely a combination of all kinds of other things including luck, hardware, software, and the card (indirectly).

But try it on a fresh install of Vista 32. And if it works on Vista 32 try it on a fresh install of Vista 64. I bet it works on both and u just had bad luck with the first try on Vista 64.

(And ur not OCing at all right?)

And Beta drivers are a really good alternative- if any are available- if it fails again on Vista 64. And MOBO BIOS settings should be nit picked too if it fails again on Vista 64. A lot of boards now a days even have hidden ones that have to be accessed with a Hot Key Combination- even though they are intended for just for OCing u just never know.

Go over every BIOS setting because there may be one single BIOS setting that is to blame for the card failing in 64 but still functioning fine in 32. I think u researched BIOS updates already right?

Anyway, all the above may be ways of validating the suggestion to try Vista 32 before Vista 64.

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