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Default Re: GTX 295 and Microstuttering

Originally Posted by pureoption View Post
Man. I really really wanted 2xGTX295 (Quad) looks like I'll go for 3xGTX285's instead.

I know that guy said 3xGTX280 should be best option but I offset the energy saving from the smaller GPU on the 285 compared to 280 plus better temps will offset the cost difference.

Thanks All.

3 GTX 285's are not any less prone to inter-frame delay errors than Quad 295's are. They both use AFR for performance enhancement. However neither of which suffer to such a degree that you should be overly worried.

I think it's to do with 2GPUs on one card (GTX295) x2 (Quad) causes much more micro stutter rather than 3x285 single GPU card on tri sli or just a single GTX 295. I asked another guy whom did both setup and tested on you tube as well the guy on my last post(different source)
Absolutely not. The more GPUS you have. The faster your AFR will be. The only difference is theres a slight increase in latency per GPU.
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