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Default Re: 60" Mitsubishi DLP - 3d glasses ready

I disagree with LCDs having better clarity and color vibrancy. Some models may have better quality than others but overall I do not think LCDs are better in that regard.
At a distance, LCDs have better clarity and are sharper. Up close enough to see the individual pixels, they have that screen door effect. Still, you have to be close enough to not see the entire screen.

Viewing angles are better yes, if that is a deal breaker for you.
If you have a living room setup where you can only see it from straight on, and don't invite many friends over, you're fine. As for me, and most people, viewing angles matter.

Otherwise I think people are being duped into the skinnier is better attitude but then again it's their money to waste.
Like I said, it has little to do with the depth of the set. It's all about quality, and LCD provides a better picture at the same screen size. Of course, for the same price range, many will take a 60" DLP over a 37-40" LCD
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