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Ok from what i can tell the 45.33 drivers do something to fudge the problem but do not fix the underlying cause which i suspect is hardware related.

Try this:

if you have the directx 9 SDK (software developers kit , you can download it from MS developers site ) run the C++ MFCfog demo which can be found in the samples browser.

Run the exe and a small simple directx demo starts to run and as such, at a VERY high FRAMERATE.

Now listen to your FX5900 SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well mine does)

Another problem I have noticed is that when running a direct3D app I'm developing at a high framerate AND in full screen, RED/PINK and GREEN lines / interference can be seen in the top right of the screen.

Ok so we dont run progs at this high frame rate normally, but even through the noise is reduced in normal use, I can still faintly hear a change in high pitch whine when using the scroll wheel in IE.

Also I've noticed a 10C increase in temp with the new drivers.

Is this an inherrent problem with all FX5900's are just some manufacturers using cheap parts?

Does any one else notice these problems on their card???

After paying PREMIUM MONEY for high end card shouldnt we get better?? like a replacement!!! rather than a FUDGED DRIVER.

As an Nvidia consumer I feel VERY let down, if the product is faulty admitt it!!!, take care of the consumer if some are faulty replace them, if the whole design is faulty reduce the price of the cards.

Once you get a bad name your on the slippery slope down.

Please post if you find the same conclusions as I do.
Life is to short to worry!
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