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Default Re: Bad Video colours with 180.22

Originally Posted by kernelOfTruth View Post
this is NOT BUG this most likely is a FEATURE
I thought so too. Qui-Gon looks more funky this way

Originally Posted by gbil View Post
This is probably an old bug with gstreamer.

when you hit this issue run

> xvattr -a XV_HUE

and see the output. If it is anything else than 0, run
This reported: XV_HUE = 180

Originally Posted by gbil View Post
> xvattr -a XV_HUE -v 0

and see what happens
Awesome mate that did the trick. Thanks.

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Yes, this is a problem caused by the video player deciding that it needs to set the XV_HUE attribute to the middle of its range (i.e. a 180 degree color adjustment) even though the default (and current) setting is 0 degrees. Since it looks like there's little traction getting the video players fixed, we're going to work around it in a future driver release by changing the XV_HUE attribute range so that 0 is in the middle. If you have a video player that relies on the 0-360 range, I'm sorry.
As I mentioned I tried all the media player backends (mplayer, gstreamer, xine, vlc) with various players. A couple of interesting things I discovered was that in VLC if I used the Adjustment and Effects dialogue, hue was set to 0 (far left) but when I moved it to the middle the colour was correct. In Smplayer's filter dialogue the hue was in the middle to begin with but as soon as I touch the slider (note slider not moved) the colour became correct, and if I moved it to the far left it changed to the altered tones as expected.

I find it odd that all the media players exhibited this same issue. Why would they all mess with the hue range as AaronP stated if it was not consider correct? Still as long as they all do it the wrong way the same way then you nv guys working around it seems the best route.

What I find the most strange is why my xv_hue range seemed to become set wrong as soon as the Nvidia drivers were installed. But at least the answer to resolve it is here, Thanks again gbil.

As a note to other opensuse users with the same issue. I found xvattr was not installed by default so do a quick search in yast to install it. I'm sure other distros have in their repositories too.
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