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Default Re: Microsoft predicts majority of Win7 will be 64 bit

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
yes, not wanting to invest millions of dollars in a program that offers little benefit is just being "lazy".

do you actually have a clue? or do you just pretend?
Bingo! these little boys that dont work in the industry have not a clue. If it was as easy as a recompile, every company would be doing it right now. These idiots dont realize that many thousands of hours of testing and debugging and support need to be added to software that would see very limit return if any.
If you write software for win32 you dont have to write it for win64 but if you write it for win64 you have to write it for win32 thus adding testing time and cost. These idiots would then be the first to jump up and say "why is X software late"!!" its just a recompile?" " i want it now" " such and such company sucks" blah blah blah
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