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Default Re: GTX 295 noise level vs. GTX 280?

Thanks for your reply! I guess you're right about the fan settings on the 295.

I own a vanilla gtx280 - no o/c version. Under Furmark I see the highest temps - 85-86 degrees Celsius - and the fan ramps up to well over 2,000 rpm...

However, under normal gaming conditions - such as playing Crysis for a couple of hours - the fan settles around 1,900 - 2,000 rpm to keep the core around 80 degrees. It doesn't bother me at all, since I have four case fans and will change some to 140 mm and add one more this week.

I don't know anything about the 9800GX2 since I didn't own one - but there are lots of reviews about it. I will try to have one tested before buying.
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