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Default Re: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage is out now!

This is a very impressive little expansion.

Graphics are nice, maybe moreso than the original game, but more than that it is very well done details wise. Little posters, the certain VR effects, new weapons... it all works very well and seems to have taken a lot of time and effort, justifying the $10 cost.

The first real mission is straight-up action... actually the first two, counting the prelude back in the wasteland. If you shy away from action in FO3 you WILL be dissapointed, so know that now. The opening in Alaska plays much more like a level from Quake or Halo than an RPG level. That said, it is very fun, and I expect that to change later on. I only just got to the meat of the story.

Again, great stuff so far and very well done. If you love FO3 and like action, get this ASAP.

P.S. A reload did fix my tree problem.
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