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Thanks again, Andy,

That is quite a nice coincidence!. Don't think twice before calling for a beer if youˇve got the time.

The reason why I asked you about Oxford is that I got my degree in Physics from St Andrews Uni. and then went on to Strathclyde for an MSc in Telecomms.

After all those years in Scotland, and except for a month in London, I went back to the UK in 97' to work for the NHS in Oxford.

I then started working in IT and worked in beautiful Slough for a while, so fled to Oxford as often as I could.

I fell in love with the place (surprise, surprise).

Please do let me know whether I may be of help with messages to nVidia or otherwise.


DELL Dimension 4100
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Win XP Pro SP1 / Fedora Core 1 (default)
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