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Default Re: Triple boot Windows: XP, Vista, and 7?

Originally Posted by ChAsM View Post
I won't say it's the best until it's more time-tested, but I must say, I like it (Windows 7) so far. Seems very stable for a beta.
Do what im doing with it and you may think a little different. I edit a lot of music and pictures and also film. I have an AMD AM2+ 8650 Triple core Phenom, Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 rev 2 MoBo and 4Gig of some of the best Ram Corsair has to offer and i would still, at this point use Xp Sp2 over Win 7 32-bit. (The Ram is set at the correct timings and the CPU is O/C to 2.52GHz). I tried using Win 7 64-bit and it was even slower then Xp, i kid you not! So, i need to have open and running several programs at the same time and the OS just cant cope, at this moment. I have sent Microsoft so much feedback, they may ask me to build the next one Ha!(JOKING!!) Currently it has crshed, froze, rebooted by itself, wouldnt boot, wouldnt shut down, wouldnt open programs, wouldnt...wouldnt...wouldnt etc, and thats the 32-bit OS. The 64 i found to be even worse then that! I dont get right into the guts of the OS like some of you may, but for what i use it for, at the moment Xp is for me. If there are 5 levels of computerism: 1.Dumb as a shoe. 2.Beginner. 3.Intermediate. 4.Addvanced and 5.Expert, i would have to say im around the two and a half mark, maybe a bit below that. I hope they will iron out a lot of errors befor the final. man.
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