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Default Re: Triple boot Windows: XP, Vista, and 7?

Originally Posted by pRATTICUS View Post
Jesus, way to derail the OP guys.

To the OP: just create a new partition of 50Gb or so then do a fresh (full) installation of W7 and it will recognize your other OS in the bootloader and give you the option of what to boot into as usual.

No further muss is required, I have quad-boot and have never had to download third party garbage, etc. to get a multi-boot working.

I think one caveat is that you must install the "oldest" OS first, else the boot loader will not recognize the newer OSs - so as long as you are installing W7 last, you should have no problem.
Ok, so what if you (I) want to run xp, Win 7 32 and Win 7 64? I tried and it would not see xp. wiped it out completely. When i installed Win 7 32, bootloader gave two options, Xp or 7. After installing 7 64, no Xp. And to get it on Xp right now. Which means i formated the HDD partitions were Win 7s were and repaired the bootloader, cause 7 seemed to have killed it, via the Xp cd. Problems!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!
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