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Default lsass.exe high disk IO rate

hello people.

first of all, sorry about my poor english. i'm from brazil.

i have a virtualized win2k3 server running some services made by the company that i work.
from about 2 weeks until now, the lsass process started to make huge reads/writes to the disk (he's writing at the same rate as our firebird server!!!) and this is reducing our server performance (since our service is very disk dependent).
i've been searching on google and found that this issue goes back from the win2k days, but microsoft has no report about it. also, no one have found a solution for this.

the virus/malware hypothesis is almost discarted, since this machine have a very restricted access and i've already made the common testes (AV/antispy scan... )

it looks like that this behaviour is more common in machines that have the terminal service enable (this is my case), but i can't shut it down, because this is the only way i have to access this machine.

if someone knows something about this issue that can solve it or at least point me to some direction i'll be very grateful
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