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Default Re: Xine vdpau announcement

Originally Posted by ciaccom View Post
hi, many thanks to the developers for your work getting vdpau support working with xine!

just a question concerning deinterlacing (live broadcast material / SDTV and HDTV 1080i):

what settings would you advice to get the best "subjective quality"?

at the moment i'm using "--post tvtime:method=use_vo_driver" and "video.output.vdpau_deinterlace_method:temporal_sp atial" in .xine/config. there's also "video.driver:vdpau" active. for SDTV and 720P material everything is really working fine - but 1080i material is jerked with these setting (cpu is used at 10-20%). only if i deactivate deinterlacing at all, the 1080i broadcasts are fluidly represented!

thanks in advance!

Edit: i'm using xine-lib-1.2 with patch r193 / driver is 180.25
What GPU are you using? - Only the very fast ones can do Temporal Spatial on 1080i content. Still you can set vdpau_deinterlace_method to temporal. This will be (very) slightly less quality but less GPU power is required...
SD content will always be deinterlaced by Temporal Spatial if deinterlacing is enabled, btw. - All VDPAU capable cards can do that.
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