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Default Re: Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark

Originally Posted by Amuro View Post
ED will be releasing more aircraft modules in the future. Next one I believe will the AH64 Apache. Black Shark vs Apache in head-to-head multiplayer should be very fun. I also heard that the A-10A and F-16C are also being developed.

BTW, I use a script downloaded from the official forums to set affinity for all 8 threads. Works pretty good for now. I just wish the game engine would take advantage of multi-GPU setup. Right now I have to set SLI mode to Single.

I have it running with SLI and it works fine... It doesn't really use multiple cores all that well in XP. The testing and reports I've seen is guys who set the process affinity in Vista actually get it to run as fast as guys using it in XP. I think the game likes XP a little better given the age of the engine. Give it some time they will fix it and of course multi core is the way to go.

Also the A-10 I think is slated to be first in line for release. We will see.

I just like the fact folks are interested.
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