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Originally Posted by quadtree View Post

I installed both version 180.25 of the driver and the latest mplayer vdpau patches from today (1-26). With only the driver changed, I had the same problem. Now that I have installed the lastest mplayer patches as well, things have improved a little.
I have a very hard time believing that either the driver update did not affect the hang, or that the MPlayer patches did. Are you sure that you were actually using the new driver once you installed it and before you upgraded MPlayer?

Originally Posted by quadtree View Post
I no longer get the hang or the backtraces after vdp_presentation_queue_create(). Instead I get two error messages each time:

VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 1002 32 12
VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 2 183

Play then continues without hanging. However, I still see tearing as if it isn't really using overlays or the vsync is just off. Again, this only happens with the tv-out port. Using the analog VGA connector, everything works fine.

Unfortunately I had already installed the new driver and mplayer before trying to run it in gdb. If a backtrace from gdb would still be helpful let me know and I'll revert to an older mplayer.
OK. We did add some more error checking, plus a fix for a hang. Given that you're not seeing a hang any more, I believe (as I expected) that the hang you were seeing was the same one we fixed. Unless you see that hang again (with 180.25 or later), there's no need to try to reproduce it and get a backtrace.

So, your current problem is only that when using component out, you get tearing i.e. the blit-based instead of overlay-based presentation queue implementation. That issue is being tracked in this thread:

I haven't had a chance to investigate that yet. Hopefully soon.
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