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Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
Yes, any card/motherboard using G98 or MCP 77/79 supports VC-1 with VDPAU. Describing exactly which cards/chipsets that refers to using marketing names is challenging. Hence, that's why the latest README uses chips names not marketing names when describing which GPUs are supported by VDPAU.
I don't suppose there is any sort of list detailing what chips match what marketing names / product names? That was the biggest reason I posted. Someone on the mythTV mailing list asked me to run the vdpinfo utility because he wanted to know if that motherboard supported VC-1. I was convinced it didn't until I saw those results.

Anyone know what GPU the BFG 9800GT/OC has under the heatsink? I've got a brand new one in the box just sitting around. I got it as part of the AGP card upgrade program they did a while back.
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