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Unhappy The [in]famous X freeze

First up, my X config is attached.

I have a desktop system with a GeForce2 MX and a Gigabyte mobo with VIA KT266 chipset. I'm getting the famous X freeze apparently at random, although I've become quite the little expert at triggering it by launching certain app combinations.

It's a "soft" freeze, meaning X goes up to 80-100% but I can still kill it in various ways: using Alt-SysRq-K or using the reset button which I've set up to trigger a clean reboot by acpid.

I've tried pretty much every idea I've read around these forums and elsewhere:
* agpgart vs the nvidia agp driver
* turning acpi off or just pci=noacpi
* turning agp off or lowering the speed
* lowering and various combinations of bios agp-related settings
* turning off apic
* mem=nopentium

What's more weird is that I get the freeze even when using the nv driver native from XFree. I suspect that's an unusual twist.

Frankly, it's been going on for quite some time and I'm growing tired of it. I've decided to ask for help one more time before I take my business elsewhere, so to speak.
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