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Default Re: Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark

Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
Eh, I would wait a while. Maybe once the FS thead is done being active due to the series being cancelled...
I think FSX has at least another 3 years in it to be honest,After Sp2 (and all its bugs)got pushed out Aces pretty much abanndoned FSX support wise so it not like any 3rd party dev's are gonna miss out on support they never provided,i just hope that the source somehow makes it out so the community can expand the core engine and get some more functions onto the GPU (id love to see autogen move to the GPU 1000 of trees & buildings rendered without the massive hit its take atm being on the CPU)

Cant seem to find BlackShark anywhere here in the UK atm......Oh well maybe they'll be a patch or 2 out by the time i can pick it up locally
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